04 Facilities and Equipments

CFX96 Real Time PCR

CFX96 Real TimeThe CFX96 touch real-time PCR create an exceptional real time PCR system. Its unsurpassed thermal cycler performance plus innovative optical design produce accurate, reliable data. The powerful, yet intuitive software accelerates every step of real-time PCR research, shortening the time between getting started and obtaining great results. Very much handy and useful in gene expression studies.


GBOX-XT4 Imaging system

GBOX-XT4 Imaging system This recently procured instrument gives the laboratory an extra edge to use dual labelled immunoblots using flurescence dyes besides using chemilumincsent and colorimetric dyes. The imager is also used for DNA gel analysis.


Trans-blot Turbo

Trans Blot TurboThe Trans-Blot Turbo transfer system is a fast, efficient, and reproducible blotting system for transferring proteins from gels to membranes. It has capacity to transfer up to 4 mini or 2 midi gels simultaneously within 7 minutes and also flexible to accommodate traditional semi-dry consumables for semi-dry blotting.



NanodropNanoDrop instruments well suited for microvolume samples. It is a UV-Vis spectrophotometers. It has pre-configured methods for all common nucleic acid (DNA & RNA) and protein concentration and purity measurements in quick time.


Bright-field and fluorescence microscope (Olympus BX43)

Bright-field and fluorescence microscopeThe BX43 supports brightfield, phase contrast, simple polarized light, and dark field observation. New LED illumination assures a constant color temperature for consistent and accurate color imaging. The typical appearance of a bright field microscopy image is a dark sample on a bright background.


Inverted Microscope (Olympus CKX-41)

Inverted Microscope Olympus has taken this one step further with the CKX41 developing a modular design approach with the capability of a fluorescence illuminator for GFP; documentation of images with digital imaging and video monitoring. The CKX41 is routinely used for checking cell viability in petri dishes, culture flasks, and multi-well plates.


Microplate Reader (Synergy HT)

Microplate ReaderSynergy HT Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is designed for fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence measurements with an emphasis on superior performance in all detection methods. Synergy HT utilizes a unique dual-optics design. It uses a tungsten halogen lamp with interference filters for wavelength specificity in conjunction with a PMT detector. The use of a xenon flash lamp allows for both UV and visible light absorbance measurements. The monochromator provides wavelength selection from 200 to 999 nm in 1 nm increments.


Immunohistochemistry Facility

Immunohistochemistry FacilityResearch focused in this facility to investigate environmental toxin induced liver injury in obese mice. Laboratory is equipped with deparaffinization set up and antigen retrieval system. Expertise in immunohistochemistry staining technique and microscopy reveal the strength of the laboratory.

Human and animal tissue culture facility

Tissue CultureThe laboratory uses human and mouse cell lines and primary cells for studying the molecular mechanisms of the disease process. Prominent cell lines used are HepG2, Raw 264.7, LX-2, 8B and primary cells of human and mouse origin (hepatocytes, Kupffer cells and stellate cells).

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