Ayushi Trivedi

B.Sc., M.Sc., Role: Graduate Student (Ph. D. Student)

Ayushi completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology in 2015 and her Master’s degree in Biotechnology in 2017 from the University of Mumbai, India. She did her master’s dissertation project at ICMR- National Institute for Research in Reproductive and Child Health (ICMR- NIRRCH) under the guidance of Dr. Vikas Dighe in the Department of National Center for Preclinical Reproductive and Genetic Toxicology. Her dissertation project was on to study the effects of Bisphenol A on steroidogenesis in perinatally exposed rats. Post her graduation, she worked as a Project Technician under Dr. Dighe in ICMR-NIRRCH till 2019. The project was to study the effect of Curcumin Nanoparticles Exposure on Reproduction in rats. In 2021, She joined ICMR- National Institute of Virology (ICMR- NIV), Mumbai Unit as a Technical Assistant for the COVID-19 testing facility.

Ayushi joined Dr. Chatterjee’s lab in January of 2022.