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Suvarthi receives ENHS Distinguished Graduate Student Award

First Ph.D.  student of Chatterjee Lab graduates with flying colors. Suvarthi successfully defended her Ph.D. with 14 publications in May. The former Breakthrough Graduate Scholar joined University of Massachusetts Medical School at Worcester for her postdoctoral fellowship. She joins Dr. Gyongi Szabo’s lab who is a pioneer in liver disease research in the nation.

TLR4 trafficking in gut

In a latest discovery, Chatterjee lab team members image TLR4 trafficking into the lipid rafts of distal small intestinal epithelial cells following nonalcoholic fatty liver disease mediated by NADPH oxidase subunit P47 phox. Team of Suvarthi Das and Varun Chandrashekaran conducted the study using the lab’s immunofluoresence microscopy facility.